Quantitative Finance Track in Statistics

Basic Requirements: 12 half-courses

  1. Required courses:

    1. Six statistics courses:

      1. Statistics 110 (Prerequisite: Mathematics 19a or equivalent)

      2. Statistics 111 (Prerequisites: Statistics 110 and Math 19b or equivalent).

      3. Any four of Statistics 123, 131, 139, 170, 171. Statistics 139 can be replaced by either Economics 1123 or 1126.

    2. Three economics courses:

      1. Economics 1010a or 1011a (strongly recommended by department). Social Analysis 10 is prerequisite for both.

      2. Economics 1723 (prerequisite: Economics 1010a or 1011a)

      3. One of the following: Economics 1733, 1745, 1760.

    3. Three related courses for the Quantitative Finance Track:

      1. Any statistics course with course number above 111

      2. Economics 1123, 1126, 2120, 2140, 2142, 2723, 2724, 2725, 2728

      3. Computer Science 50, 51

      4. MIT Finance 15.401, 15.402, 15.433, 15.437

        Note: Graduate-level courses may not be suitable for all undergraduates because they often have higher prerequisites. Students who are interested in taking them must check with the instructors to gain permission prior to enrollment.

  2. Tutorial: Same as Statistics Basic Requirements.

  3. Thesis: None.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. Other Information: Mathematics 19a and 19b, Mathematics 21a and 21b, Applied Mathematics 21a and 21b, or equivalents, are required but do not count for concentration credit. This requirement should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Quantitative Finance Track in Statistics
Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 14 half-courses plus thesis

  1. Required courses: Same as Basic Requirements with two additional half-courses, which may be related courses (see item 1c above for the Quantitative Finance Track).

  2. Tutorial: Same as Basic Requirements.

  3. Thesis: Required. A substantial statistical analysis of a quantitative finance problem, a critical review of statistical methods in some finance area, or the solution of an open statistical research problem in a finance-related area are equally acceptable. Students may enroll in Statistics 99hf while writing the thesis, but it is not required.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. Other Information: Same as Basic Requirements.