German Cultural Studies Specific Requirements

  1. Basic required courses: Ten half-courses.

    1. A 60-level German course or its equivalent.

    2. German 71 or 72.

    3. Four additional numbered half-courses in German, three of them on the 100 level or above. Together, these courses should address a wide spectrum of German culture from the medieval period to the present.

    4. Four additional half-courses in related fields, with sufficient focus on the German aspect of the field. In consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students coordinate these courses into a coherent but flexible program of study. Courses may be selected from such fields as English; Folklore and Mythology; Government; History; History of Art and Architecture; History of Science; Linguistics; Literature; Music; Philosophy; Psychology; Religion; Visual and Environmental Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality; and others, including German itself.

  1. Courses required for honors eligibility: Twelve half-courses
        a-d. Same as item 1, above.
        e. German 99 (two terms). Thesis.

  2. Other information:

    1. The concentration is designed to make it possible to begin with Elementary German (German A or Bab) in the freshman year and to complete the concentration without difficulty.

    2. At the student's request, concentration credit is granted, beyond the basic required courses, for second-year language courses (German Ca, Cb and Dab).

    3. Where possible and appropriate, requirements listed under 1d should be fulfilled by taking 100-200 level German courses that treat the listed areas in depth.