Basic Requirements: 10 half-courses

  1. Required courses:

    1. Wing requirements: Six half-courses plus tutorials (below).

      1. Anthropology 1010.

      2. Area: Old World.

      3. Area: New World.

      4. Topical/method & theory.

      5. Research seminar.

      6. Archaeological science.

    2. Courses in other wings: One half-course in either biological anthropology or social anthropology.

    3. Reading and related courses: One half-course.

  2. Tutorials:

    1. Sophomore year: Anthropology 97x, sophomore tutorial in Archaeology (half-course, spring term).

    2. Junior year: Anthropology 98xa, junior tutorial in Archaeology (half-course, fall term).

  3. Thesis: None.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. Other information:

    1. Pass/Fail: Two half-courses may be taken Pass/Fail and counted toward concentration. These ordinarily include courses from the reading and related courses category. All anthropology tutorials are letter-graded.

    2. Languages: The department itself has no language requirement. However, the importance of modern languages for research in all branches of anthropology cannot be too highly stressed. Concentrators who expect to do work in anthropology beyond the AB degree are most strongly urged to develop their language skills as undergraduates.

    3. Statistics: Concentrators in Archaeology are encouraged to take courses in statistics and/or computer science (including GIS). Competence in handling quantitative data is extremely important in anthropological research, and such competence is best obtained through formal training in statistics.

    4. Study and Research Abroad: Concentrators in Archaeology are encouraged to investigate the possibilities for studying and/or carrying out research abroad during the summer or during the academic year.

Archaeology Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 13 half-courses

  1. Required courses: Same as Basic Requirements.

  2. Tutorials:

    1. Sophomore year: Same as Basic Requirements.

    2. Junior year: In addition to Anthropology 98xa (fall term junior tutorial), Archaeology honors candidates enroll in Anthropology 98xb, an individual junior tutorial, normally taken spring term, in which they carry out study and research related to the preparation of the senior thesis.

    3. Senior year: Anthropology 99x (full course, letter-graded), culminating in the submission of a senior thesis, followed by an oral examination on the thesis.

  3. Thesis: Required.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. Other information: Same as Basic Requirements. Honors candidates usually carry out research for their senior theses during the summer between their junior and senior years.