Requirements for the Applied Physics Option

13-15 half-courses

  1. Required courses:

  2.     a-b. Same as Basic Requirements.

    1. Mathematics courses must include at least one half course above the level of Mathematics 21a and 21b; Mathematics 23a and 23b; Mathematics 25a and 25b; or Applied Mathematics 21a and 21b. Among courses to choose from, consider especially Applied Mathematics 105a, 105b, 111, 120.

    2. The laboratory course Physics 191r.

    3. Physics 175: Quantum Electronics and Modern Optics and Engineering Sciences 173: Electronic and Photonic Semiconductor Devices.

    4. Additional half-courses in physics or a related field, to complete the requirement of 13 to 15 half-courses.

  3. Tutorial: None.

  4. Thesis: Optional.

  5. General Examination: None.

  6. Other information:

  7.     a-e. Same as Basic Requirements.

        f-h. Same as Requirements for Honors Eligibility.

    1. Applied Physics 190: Materials Physics or Applied Physics 195: Solid State Physics, and Engineering Sciences 123: Fluid Mechanics are highly recommended.

    2. Students taking this option are advised to take Physics 123 and to obtain additional experience in experimental physics by taking Physics 90r or Engineering Sciences 91r, and/or by working during the summer in an industrial, university or government laboratory.