Mathematics and Teaching Option

This option is offered by the Department of Mathematics to encourage students with a degree in mathematics to enter secondary school teaching. It is designed for undergraduates who are enrolled in the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP). Students who complete UTEP will thereby obtain eligibility for the teaching certificate required for public school teaching by about thirty states, including Massachusetts. See Chapter 2 for more information on UTEP.

Note: Those who plan to teach only in independent schools will not need a teaching certificate, and hence do not need to take this program. However, they too may wish to take UTEP courses to enhance their career preparation.

Requirements for Mathematics and Teaching Option: 12 half-courses

  1. Required Courses:

    1. Seven letter-graded half-courses in mathematics, including at least one in each of the areas of analysis (numbered 110-119), algebra (numbered 120-129), and geometry (numbered 130-139). Mathematics 101 or 102 can be used to fulfill any one (but only one) of these area requirements. Courses listed in the course catalog in other departments which are cross-listed by the mathematics department do not count toward this requirement.

    2. Graduate School of Education (HGSE) T-300a or equivalent practicum in the teaching of mathematics.

    3. Three letter-graded half-courses in computer science, statistics, or physics, with at least two half-courses in the same field. The courses that can be used to satisfy this requirement include the courses listed in Basic Requirements item 1b (vi, xi, and xii), and, in addition, Computer Science 50 and Statistics 100.

    4. One Freshman Seminar or one letter-graded half-course in mathematics or a related field in addition to those chosen in 1a and 1c, above. Related courses include all the courses listed in Basic Requirements 1b, and also Computer Science 50 and Statistics 100. A course in the history of science may be included with the prior permission of the director of undergraduate studies. The Freshman Seminar can be used for this requirement provided the conditions listed in Basic Requirements are met.
      Note: Other courses in statistics or applied mathematics offered in the Harvard Graduate School of Education or in the Graduate School or Arts and Sciences may count as related courses with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies.

  2. Tutorial: Same as Basic Requirements.

  3. Thesis: None.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. UTEP: The course and teaching requirements of the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program must be completed before graduating under the Mathematics and Teaching option. See Chapter 2 for more information.

  6. Other information: Interested students are encouraged to inquire about the program at any time. Questions should be directed to the UTEP associate director, who is responsible for advising program participants. For further information please contact the Teacher Education Office at the Graduate School of Education, Longfellow Hall, (617-495-2783), or visit the UTEP Website.