Study Cards

Students officially enroll in courses for credit by including the course name and catalog number of each selected course on the study card. In addition, the instructor’s signature must appear on the study card for any course that requires the instructor’s permission for enrollment. Students must obtain the signature of their freshman, sophomore, or concentration adviser on the study card, signifying that the student and adviser have discussed the course program. Students can access their advisers’ contact information via the Advising Network Portal at Registration is not complete until the study card is turned in and any required petitions for cross-registration or Independent Study have been approved. A student who is denied admission for any reason to a course listed on the study card must drop that course by petition no later than the fifth Monday of the term.

The dates for filing study cards appear in the Academic Calendar. A student who fails to hand in the study card on time, ordinarily in person, will incur a charge of $40 for each week until the study card is turned in. An overdue study card also makes the student liable for disciplinary action, including requirement to withdraw. Late study cards require the signature of the instructor for each course listed on the student’s program. After the fifth Monday of a term, the Resident Dean’s approval is also required. No study card handed in after the fifth Monday may add a Pass/Fail course to the student’s schedule.

Beginning the day after study card day and continuing throughout the term, the student may check the student record, which lists every course in which the student is enrolled, at the Advising Network Portal or at (select “Undergraduates,” then “Student Record”). It is the student’s responsibility to confirm his or her program for that term.

The student should check the student record carefully, as on occasion the courses listed will not agree with those on the study card because of errors in reporting or entering data. A student is considered registered only for those courses listed on the student record. He or she should report any errors to the Registrar’s Office and make any necessary changes by filing an appropriate change-of-course petition. Students must have a PIN to access their web-based student record (see PIN for more information).

A student may not sign any other person's name or initials on a study card, Plan of Study, change-of-course petition, registration form, or on any other official form or petition. Violation of this rule makes the student subject to disciplinary action, including requirement to withdraw.