Choice of Courses

Every student is required to select courses from those listed in Courses of Instruction, the course catalog for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, with the guidance of a freshman adviser, sophomore adviser, or concentration adviser or tutor. (For enrollment in non-FAS courses, see Cross-Registration.) Selection should be made with a view toward satisfying concentration and Core Curriculum or General Education requirements and other degree requirements not already met. Students must qualify for each selected course according to the guidelines and prerequisites stated in Courses of Instruction or otherwise satisfy the instructor that they are properly prepared to enroll in it.

Courses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are numbered according to the following scheme:

1–99 or 910–999: Primarily for Undergraduates
100–199 or 1000–1999: For Undergraduates and Graduates
200–299 or 2000–2999: Primarily for Graduates
300–399 or 3000–3999: Graduate Courses of Reading and Research

Courses numbered in the 100s or 1000s or below and courses designated by capital letters ordinarily are open to all students who have met the prerequisites unless the instructor’s permission is required (indicated by an asterisk), or unless enrollment is restricted by the size of the room or by similar limitations of resources. Starred (*) courses may be taken by undergraduates only with the consent of the instructor, who must sign the study card of each undergraduate admitted to the course. Undergraduates may not enroll in courses numbered in the 300s or 3000s. Exceptions are Advanced Standing students in their fourth year of residence who are candidates for the master’s degree. They may enroll in such courses with the instructor’s permission and signature.

It is inappropriate for a student to receive course credit for the same work for which he or she is financially compensated. Thus, an undergraduate course assistant may not receive academic credit in any form, including Independent Study and Supervised Reading and Research course credit, for courses with which he or she is assisting. Research for which a student receives a grant may inform their academic work. Research performed for other financial compensation may inform academic work in subsequent semesters only, and only with the express permission of the employer, including a laboratory head.