The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program (UTEP) permits a student to obtain a license (or “certificate”) to teach in middle and/or secondary public schools in Massachusetts and the 40+ states with which Massachusetts has reciprocity. UTEP is not a concentration in itself but meant to complement a concentration.
Participation in the program requires approval of the UTEP admissions committee, which considers applications from students as early as the spring term in their sophomore year, or as late as the spring term in their junior year. Current seniors and freshmen are not eligible to apply. The admissions process includes an interview and submission of an application, academic records, recommendations, a resume, and a Plan of Study. Students should have a B– or higher cumulative grade point average when they apply, and should also have some experience working with youth (e.g., as a camp counselor, tutor, coach).

To be eligible for licensure through UTEP, students must complete the following requirements:

  1. Subject Matter: Content expertise in an academic field taught in middle or secondary schools. UTEP offers preparation to teach biology, chemistry, earth science, English, general science (middle school only), history, mathematics, physics, and political science/political philosophy (social studies).

  2. Perspectives Courses: One half-course addressing psychological perspectives on human development; one half-course addressing educational perspectives on schools, curricula, and teachers; and one half-course focused on planning curricula in the subject for which the student is seeking a license. A list of eligible courses is available in the Teacher Education Program Office, Longfellow Hall, Room 310A, Graduate School of Education, or on the UTEP Website.

  3. Field Work (pre-practicum): One term of weekly classroom observations (6 hours per week; 78 hours total) in an approved public school setting.

  4. Student Teaching (practicum): 360 hours of supervised student teaching. This experience counts as one half-course and must be taken at the Graduate School of Education, but only after satisfying requirements 1–3.

Ideally, all UTEP courses and field work should be completed within the junior and/or senior year. However, students may apply for special-student status in the Harvard Graduate School of Education to complete the student teaching and seminar requirements in the first term after graduation. This is known as the Term-After Option. UTEP is also piloting another option for completing the program requirements. This would require students to spend a summer student teaching at the Cambridge-Harvard Summer Academy, along with taking relevant modules at the Graduate School of Education. This would be followed, in the fall semester, by the practicum, teaching methods course, and the course on educational perspectives. This allows undergraduates to complete the UTEP requirements with as little disruption as possible to their college coursework.

Interested students are encouraged to inquire about the program at any time. Questions should be directed to the UTEP Director, who is responsible for advising program participants. For further information, please contact the Teacher Education Program Office at the Graduate School of Education, Longfellow Hall, Room 310, 617-495-2783, or visit the UTEP Website.